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Dec 4, 2013 11:00am PST
. we're talking about the low 20s in some cities. we want to make sure everybody is ready for this, and then we don't get out of the woods when it comes to weather that's going to impact your life. we've got a very poet ebt storm system headed our way, and this one could drop snow at the 500 foot level. that's what we're watching for next. this morning and tonight it is still cold. these are yurnt temperatures. livermore at 48 degrees. the same for mountain view. let's get right into it this morning. another round of damaging frost. if you don't bring in sensitive plants, they will likely be damaged by the very, very cold temperature. 25 to 32 degrees for most of the bay area. let me give you a taste of some of the coldest spots across the bay area, laura. look at these numbers. we're talking about the low 20s tonight. up in the north bay that also goes for places like livermore. you'll be about 27 degrees tonight. 26 for concorde. 22 in napa, and 24 degrees in santa rose wra. we get a reinforcing blast of cold air and some heavy rain on the way. we could see some of that in the fo
Dec 6, 2013 11:00am PST
resolutions in congress against apartheid. >> oakland was the symbol of the city that fought and that constantly held everybody -- the nation's feet to the fire. >> long shoremen in oakland were the first to refuse off load south african ships in if 1980s and dozens of protests by students and civic leaders throughout the bay area. mandela's impact is reach into the world of sports. in 1995, president mandela showed up at the rugby team's world cup victory team. they were all in white and both the team and the fans were set to be a symbol of apartheid. mande mandela's appearance changed that. >> he enabled black south africans to appreciate the sport of those persons who had been their oppressors. >> instead of trying to destroy a racist team, he used it to bring people together. now the spring box and fans celebrate diversity on the stands. it was made into a movie called "invick us the." you can find photos and more on the visit to the bay area. just search for nelson mandela. >>> sunnyvale's strict new gun laws take effect today. gun owners who lost their firearms or had t
Dec 5, 2013 11:00am PST
bay area snow. we'll show you where and when and if your city is included up. right now, back to you, laura. >> that's great to know. thanks. we continue our coverage of the cold temperatures with nbc bay area's chase cain, who is life at oakland international airport where crews did something they haven't done in a long time. >> yeah, they had to de-ice some planes. it's been likely months, maybe even since january since they've had to do that, but i have to tell you, the nightsest thing about this hour is that it's great to be able to stand outside without needing a scarf and some gloves. it almost feels summertime-like after that truly freezing start this morning, and everyone we ran into this morning was saying they were just surprised how intense and how early this sort of winter arrived. >> despite the warnings, at least one driver spun out on 208 and san mateo county after hitting a patch of black ice. the often invizquelible danger proved quite visible by day break in walnut creek where an extensive strip of black ice there formed lane closures. slowing the morning commute an
Dec 2, 2013 11:00am PST
to stay here until 6:00 tonight. planned parenthood plans to open this clinic in redwood city tomorrow afternoon. protesters say they are fighting that opening for several reasons. >> so we're very concerned about these three issues. you know, the lowering of our property values, our children being such young age and using their parents' consent, and the trouble i troubling plans. >> reporter: we did reach out to planned parenthood this morning. so far, we have not received a call back. reporting live in redwood city, maryann favro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks. >>> natural gas will be flowing through the pipeline that has been at the center of controversy in san carlos. it went offline at the beginning of october after people worried about the safety of that line in the wake of 2010 explosion in san bruno. pg&e plans to start service on the pipeline today but at a much lower pressure than the pipe was designed for. >>> police on the peninsula are investigating are crash that killed a pedestrian. it happened about 6:15 this morning near the highway 92 overpass in san mateo. a pedestria
Dec 9, 2013 11:00am PST
suspects like the north bay will still hit lows in the freezing range, but most cities that don't traditionally get this cold this early in the season. for instance, here in san jose, we're going to fall back to the 40s as lows, trading out the 20s and 30s. it has been brutal. and as we head throughout the night tonight, do want to put this on your map. it's 40s degrees in santa rosa. temperatures are going to be chilly there today. it's a spare the air day. a winter spare the air alert has been called, and we have unhealthy levels of pollutants in the north bay. keep this in mind. we could be looking at this trend every single day this week with really bad air quality headed our way. if you suffer from respiratory issues, stay close to the forecast all week long. this is just our first spare the air day so far this week. we could be looking at them every single day, all the way through thursday. highs today only in the 40s. tonight we have another freeze warning in place. should be the last one. i'll let you know how cold it's going to be where you live and when we might see th
Dec 3, 2013 11:00am PST
are only going to end up in the mid 50s. gillmore, 55. foster city today, 59 in santa rosa, and fremont will hit about 58 degrees. make sure you bundle up out there. this is not even close to the coldest that we are headed into, though. that will be tonight and tomorrow night. 25 to 32 degrees. even in places like san jose, it's going to be very cold out there. you want to protect your sensitive plants, make sure your pets are indoors, and warm with you, and, yeah, if you can, donate an extra heavy coat, this is the time of year where people really need that sort of thing. as we get into tomorrow, this is what we're expecting. the cold front comes through. want to show you where our low temperatures are headed. tomorrow morning, we're talking about the 20s. getting into your thursday morning, it is going to be down right frigid with these numbers falling into the low 20s in places like sanity why rosa and napa, and then, of course, on friday it's going to be another cold morning. another round of the 20s for the bay area. we'll be about freezing in san jose. then more interesting. the w
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6